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Hand Tool Cleaning
1. Scope
1.1 This specification covers the requirements for the hand tool cleaning of steel surfaces.

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  1. Aerospace
  2. Automotive
  3. Contract Cleaning
  4. Composite Tool Cleaning
  5. Electric Motor
  6. Engineered Wood
  7. Fire Restoration
  8. Food and Beverage
  9. Foundry
  10. General Maintenance & Facilities
  11. Historical Restoration
  12. Medical Device Manufacturing
  13. Mold Remediation
  14. Oil and Gas
  15. Packaging
  16. Plastics
  17. Power Generation
  18. Printing
  19. Rubber
  20. Textile

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4. Surface Preparation Before and After Hand Tool Cleaning
4.1 Before hand tool cleaning, remove visible oil, grease, soluble welding residues, and salts by the methods outlined in SSPC-SP 1. 4.2 After hand tool cleaning and prior to painting, reclean the surface if it does not conform to this specification. 4.3 After hand tool cleaning and prior to painting, remove dirt, dust, or similar contaminants from the surface. Acceptable methods include brushing, blow off with clean, dry air, or vacuum cleaning.

2. Definitions
2.1 Hand tool cleaning is a method of preparing steel surfaces by the use of non-power hand tools. 2.2 Hand tool cleaning removes all loose mill scale, loose rust, loose paint, and other loose detrimental foreign matter. It is not intended that adherent mill scale, rust, and paint be removed by this process. Mill scale, rust, and paint are considered adherent if they cannot be removed by lifting with a dull putty knife. 2.3 I S 0 8501-1 :1988 or other visual standards of surface preparation agreed upon by the contracting parties may be used to further define the surface.