Best Vacuum Cleaner for Shag Carpet in 2015

Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner


Best vacuum for Carpet - A look at 2017's top reviewed

So what is the best vacuum cleaner for carpets? Don’t just look for the first vacuum cleaner that fits into your closet! Settings, rollers, and design type can have a big impact on how well vacuum cleaners clean carpet. That’s why we our #1 pick is ($259.99) for getting carpets clean again. The built-in versatility of the Shark model allows you to clean any type of upholstery, while the and dust cup allow for super-effective, time-saving dust removal. However, our other top picks have tons of power as well, so check out what made it on the list!

Not all vacuum cleaners can handle carpet – especially newer, thicker carpets. If you just moved or had a remodel that added carpet to your home, it’s time to think about getting a the best rated vacuum cleaner for carpets, with the necessary brush features and power to handle dirt and tangles hiding within carpet fibers. This makes suction power even more important – today’s modern vacuum cleaners have improved suction, typically based in water lift: Water lift is a rating used to describe suction, referring to a vacuum cleaner’s ability to lift a 1-inch column of water. The more inches a vacuum can lift the water, the more easily it can suck dirt and “heavy” debris from a carpet – even when the canister or bad starts to fill. Sealing, motor power, and more all factor into water lift.

15 Best Vacuum Cleaners & Reviews - Top Rated Vacuums

  • Ignoring Your Carpet When Buying: Carpets are not created equal! They vary in density, twist level, height, pile type, and more. Some carpets may suffer under a vacuum cleaner that’s too powerful and pulls out piles. Some carpets may need a powerful vacuum cleaner to reach hard-to-find dirt and dust, or even the best steam vacuum carpet cleaner for major renovation projects. Take a look at your carpet before you choose what type of vacuum cleaner to buy!
  • Buying Based on Appearance: Vacuum cleaner manufacturers try to make their models look high-tech and ultra-modern. Unfortunately, this rarely if ever has an impact on actual performance. Don’t get sidetracked.
  • Going Too Large: Super-large vacuum cleaners probably aren’t necessary unless you have a lot of carpet to clean (and they cost more, too). A smaller vacuum cleaner with the right features will be lighter and serve just as well in many cases. Resist the urge to buy a beast if you don’t actually need it.
  • Not Thinking About Your Home Life: Do you have pets that shed? Look for the best vacuum cleaner for carpet and pet hair – or a vacuum specifically designed pet related things. Do you end up tracking a lot of dirt inside? Find a model that does a deep clean. Do your kids spill often? Look for a cleaner that you can whip out at a moment’s notice, and back it up with some liquid stain remover too!

Kenmore Intuition 31100 Vacuum Review

If you’re looking for power, flexibility, and simplicity all in one package, this vacuum cleaner offers it. While this model looks a little bulky at first glance, it actually has a lot of maneuverability with it comes to sliding out furniture and around objects. Plus, the brush roller has a spring-based automatic adjustment that raises and lowers the roller based on the surface, which is ideal for switching from hard floors to carpet, and moving between different types of carpet. There’s also a dial-based speed control that you can use to control suction power with four different settings, so you can go easier on some types of carpet and harder on dirtier areas: If you want the best vacuum cleaner for thick carpet, here’s your model.

If you’re looking for the best vacuum cleaner for carpets in 2016, you probably want a model with power, furniture-cleaning capabilities – and enough filtration to keep that dust down. That’s especially true if you want to stop summer allergies or the similar problems that crop up in winter when the house is shut tight.