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I'm still using Vaska on some of my clothes and I like it very much. I am using it on wool socks, silk items, sweaters, and anything delicate. I do sometimes use it on towels and occasionally on sheets, although I usually wash my sheets in either Persil or Tide with Oxiclean added. I tend not to use it on things that are really dirty - I use either Tide or Persil on those types of things. I have used Vaska with the Vaska oxygen bleach on towels and sheets and it does a nice job, but I don't think it whitens quite as much as either Persil or Tide with Oxiclean.

I did post before about my opinion of the Vaska oxygen bleach. It has a very strong odor as does the spot remover. I find the oxygen bleach smell lingered in the finished laundry. I much prefer my pure sodium percarbonate or the Shaklee Nature Bright (Shaklee contains sodium percarbonate but also enzymes) neither of which have any smell.

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Larsi, I've used the Vaska oxygen bleach. While it doesn't smell good up close, I don't notice any residual odor left in the laundry - just a hint of lavender.

So, the HerbaSoft is ok. Do not like Vaska Oxygen Bleach at all...but, I still LOVE the Herbatergent. I still cannot believe how soft my clothes, sheets and towels are. Honestly, some things have never felt this soft! Amazing!!