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If you're already renting a steam or water extraction carpet cleaner for your home once a year or so you should also use the cleaner on your cloth car seats and floor mats rather than chemical upholstery cleaners.

Multi-functional heated carpet extractors from top suppliers of advanced carpet cleaning systems are ideal for cleaning carpets made of sensitive threads, such as wool or natural fibers. These carpets are incapable of withstanding the high temperature of carpet cleaning equipment. Cleaning professionals can easily overcome this problem by using multifunctional machines that can be used as both hot water and cold water carpet cleaners independently. The versatile cleaning applications offered by these make them the top choice of cleaning professionals.

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  • Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is probably the most used carpet cleaning method, as it utilizes all the fundamentals of cleaning. It does an excellent job in eliminating the greatest amounts of soil and allergic health issues from the environment.
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    If you rent a steam or hot water extraction carpet cleaner you may be tempted to buy the expensive branded cleaning solutions offered by the rental company but white vinegar also works quite well and for a fraction of the cost.

    Hot water extraction carpet cleaning machines work by injecting heated water deep into the carpet's pile. The enhanced cleaning power of heated water combines with the cleaning technology of advanced heating element carpet extractor to encapsulate the dirt, grime, oil, and other deposits, and makes them rise to the surface for easy extraction and elimination. The best hot water carpet cleaner comes with a powerful suction feature to completely extract the muck and grimy solution to leave the carpet clean, fresh, and ready for use in the quickest possible time.