How To Make Your Own Hard Water Stain Remover

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Will A-MAZ Water Stain Remover clean that "rust ring" that I get in my toilet?
Iron, other mineral deposits, and soil can become etched into surface over time. These stains may be difficult, but not impossible to remove. Our experience has been that using heavy duty grit or pumice stone along with the remover is really the only effective way to remove the stain on a porcelain surface. Lower the water level. This is done by turning off the water (turn the spigot under the toilet) and flushing. Apply a generous amount of paste over the ring and let stand for a minute. If you are using a pumice stone, wet it first before dipping into the paste. Rub until no longer visible. Fill the tank (toilet) and flush clear. We recommend that you apply silicon sealant immediately for long lasting protection. To apply the sealant, lower the water and use a damp cloth to spread several drops into the area where the stain had appeared. Continue rubbing until surface appears smooth to the touch. The sealant lasts about two to three months and keeps the ring from reappearing during this time frame. If the ring happens to reappear, repeat this process.

The pleasantly scented cream formula clings to vertical surfaces for easy application. Simply apply with a light duty scrub pad or cloth, give it a rub and a rinse. One 32 oz bottle goes a long way. Use Glasstastic Hard Water Stain Remover on your shower doors, windows, windshields, oven glass, bathroom or pool tile, toilets, fixtures, faucets and more!

How to Remove Water Spot Stain - Water Spot Stain Removal

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Ultimate Hard Water Stain Remover by Brite & Clean

What products does the AMAZ water stain remover work on?
Glass, Metals, and Ceramics. This is a very broad group of surfaces and they can vary in hardness and sensitivity. It is highly recommended that you always start your project with a test on an inconspicuous area to insure the Water Stain Remover does not scratch the surface. This is true for any surface cleaner. When using on stainless steel, always apply with the grain of the surface.

Will this product work on clear glass?
Absolutely! This product was designed to be used safely on clear glass. There is no gritty pumice or harsh chemical. A-MAZ Water Stain Remover will remove spots, film or crusty build from shower doors or safety glass. A light duty pad is helpful. In fact, this product works so well, you'll be wondering if you left the window rolled down!