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Not only does Body Gloss Final Detail Spray Wax and Glass Cleaner help you keep your vehicle looking its best, but it also helps you to drive more safely in all types of conditions. Although it leaves behind no spots or unsightly residue, the cleaner provides protection for the surfaces of vehicles that helps water roll off when it rains or snows, greatly improving driver visibility.

Body Gloss Final Detail Spray Wax and Glass Cleaner is a powerful product that can be used on painted metal, chrome, glass, plastic and vinyl without damaging vehicles. Tough enough to cut through mud, obliterate fingerprints and wash away all types of road dirt, the cleaner is a professional strength formula, but it's made to be simple enough for anyone to use. Just spritz on the unique formula with the handy spray bottle and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. The dirt and debris will be gone completely, leaving behind a sparkling shine that will have your vehicle looking like new again.

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Technical specification of Turtle Wax Glass Cleaner 400ml
Brand Turtle Wax
Litre capacity 400ml
Location Internal & external

FastWax offers high performance, ..

With Body Gloss Final Detail Spray Wax and Glass Cleaner, you can clean your vehicle from top to bottom, eliminating the need for shelves full of cleaning products. You'll save time and money when you invest in this revolutionary spray wax and glass cleaner. Plus, the formula has a wonderful bubble gum scent. Order now and see for yourself how clean your vehicle can be!

Turtle Wax ClearVue Glass Clean can be used on all glass or mirrored surfaces of the car, for the safest, clearest view.
- More powerful than household glass cleaners, ClearVue will remove what ever the motorway can throw at your windscreen, without streaks or smears.
- Use on mirrors and headlights to remove ingrained grime and traffic film for increased visibility.
- Use on interior glass to remove tobacco stains, finger marks and grime.