WEIMAN Metal Polish for BRASS, COPPER & All Metals 8 oz



(Pack of 2) Weiman Brass Polish, 8 fl oz

An extremely effective and versatile formula, Weiman Metal Polish imparts a rich luster that also protects against tarnish. From chrome faucets to copper decor, Weiman makes sure your metals shine bright.

Weiman Metal Polish removes tarnish and discoloration to restore natural color, luster and shine. Excellent for decorative/accent items, faucets, fixtures, musical instruments, boat hardware and auto chrome.

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As gentle and safe as it is effective, Weiman Metal Polish gives a brilliant shine to brass, copper, silver & gold, stainless steel, chrome, and aluminum. Use it on plexiglas items or fiberglass spas to keep them looking new. Weiman Metal Polish leaves...

Among widely available polishes, Weiman Metal Polish did the best job of removing tarnish and adding shine to copper pots and pans. Ketchup does a great job of removing tarnish but won't add a brilliant luster to copper cookware.