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Next was a decision if I should use dish detergent or not. A lot of places recommended using just hot water, but when you have a grimy red stained glass from either red wine or lipstick, I personally don’t think hot water is good enough. But you do not want a detergent with fragrances. There are a lot of fragrance free products out there, but I was surprised it was tough to find a dish detergent that was fragrance free. I then came across the . As the bottle says, there are no heavy fragrances, and I can attest to that. So I decided to go with this detergent to get our wine glasses clean.

First of all, after use always wash your wine glasses so they don’t stain, but if it’s late and the bedroom beckons you, at least rinse and leave full of water for cleaning in the morning. When you wash wine glasses, always wash with warm water, never hot water. The “experts” like Riedel who produce some fine glassware suggests that wine glasses never need dishwashing detergent, just rinsing out and drying completely. I personally believe that there are some excellent cleaning aids and solutions out there that guarantee your wineglasses are clean.

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Wine Glass Cleaner at Wine Enthusiast

Washing by hand is by far the most effective wine glass cleaning method. In a pinch, though, the dishwasher is a suitable option – but maybe not for your best wine glasses. If you do use the dishwasher, Molly Maid recommends a delicate cycle and leaving plenty of room between your wine glasses to prevent clinking. Dishwashers are more likely to leave behind scratches, which can make the glasses appear cloudy or dirty. Molly Maid always recommends handwashing over the dishwasher to get that crystal clear look you’re after.

Cloudy wine glasses don’t have to rain on the family’s next dinner party or special occasion. Follow these wine glass cleaning tips from the housekeeping experts at Molly Maid and have your wine glasses ready to go in no time.