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Howard FW0016 Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner, 16-Ounce


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After many years, my wood became rather dull, and murky if you like.. You know, as it does! I took a trip to the supermarket, in desperate need to get my house looking as beautiful as it did on first moving in (they say never work with children and animals, if you have beautiful wooden surfaces, I'd agree with this!) when I came across a new brand wood polish - yes, you're right - Wood Silk furniture polish. Having tried practically all the other brands on the shelf (which were rubbish, don't bother with them!) this came as a magnificant surprise. So, at the check out I conversed with the lady on the till, she told me I'd made a good choice, and off I went to my car (a ford) with great faith. And I was right to have that faith. Wood Silk furniture polish is fantastic, I highly rate it. My floors and random items of furniture went from having an ugly, dusty, musty kind of appearance to looking practically brand new, possibly even better than that come to think of it! My husband and I were so pleased with this look, we use Wood Silk polish frequently now, and all our neighbours are impressed to the point of jealousy! Having recommended this product to all my friends, I think it's time YOU took a leaf out of my book, and bought some Wood Silk furniture polish - 10/10.. Thank you suppliers, you've changed my life and house for the better!

Love the woodsilk furniture polish, but missing it like mad as moved to the USA in June 2004 and can't find anything like it. Does anyone know if it is exported to the USA and know of any stockists? Introduced this to my family and friends who all use. That is, when they can find it as Tesco's seem to sell out of it and don't know any other stockists. My furniture loves it and has it has such a great smell. Also lots of other brands of furniture polish caused a lot of skin irritation when used. Woodsilk is great and wish i could get it over here in the USA.....Help?

DIY Homemade Wood Furniture Polish Recipe

  • an oil and vinegar wood furniture polish/cleaner
  • honey lemon ginger tea - easy remedy for colds, coughs and sore throats
  • traditional house warming gifts
  • anti-inflammatory and minor pain relief bath salts (for those times when you mangle your knee when tripping over a dog in the middle of the night)
  • easiest strawberry rhubarb jam ever
  • homemade sore muscle soak
  • traditional housewarming gifts, revisited
  • I made socks!
  • easy fermented jalapeno hot sauce
  • homemade lavender beeswax candle

How to Make a Non Toxic Wood Furniture Polish: 8 Steps

Of all the recipes listed, the one I was most interested in was the one for Furniture Polish. I’m on a mission to find replacements for as many of our toxic household substances as possible and a wood furniture a polish will come in handy. The problem with many conventional polishes is that they’re often loaded with chemicals that can cause immediate reactions or possibly long term health issues. On the , furniture polish poisoning varies from dizziness, vomiting, and rapidly lowered blood pressure if the substance is ingested, to skin burns and vision loss if it comes into contact with your skin or eyes. Not a pretty picture.

I started using wood silk furniture polish a few years ago when I bought some solid wood living room furniture. It is around £1.40 in most supermarkets and comes in a yellow and brown honeycomb effect tin, with cone shaped lid.
The polish is for sealed wood furniture only, otherwise the product will seep into the unsealed wood and mark it. This is stated on the back along with comprehensive instructions (which I suggest you read first). This polish is a non silicone product made with bees wax and nutrient oils, which is one of the things that first attracted me to it. When you spray the polish it leaves a waxy/greasy sheen which slowly disappears but gives fantastic shine - just don't rub your clothes on it while its shiny! It has a traditional polish smell, kind of waxy but I like it and it lasts a while.
It says on the can that it is suitable for solid wood furniture, wood internal doors, panelling and wooden block floors. If using on the floor though, I would suggest waiing before standing on the surface until the polish has thourghly soaked in, as it maybe a little slippy.
There is the manufactuers name - aristowax and address along with phone number to contact them, not that I ever have felt the need. I am very pleased with this product and feel it cares for my furniture well and I always use this polish on my wood now. I did try another well known brand of wood polish, but it did not have the same shiny clean effect.