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Zephyr Pro-40 Metal Polish (32 oz)


Zephyr Pro 40 Perfection Metal Polish

You can find the Zephyr brown, green, and white rouge bars in most Petro's and T/A truckstops the brown bar is around 12 dollars the green and white are around 10 dollars. Now you can buy magic mix for like 12 to 14 dollars in comes in like a 8 0z bottle, White Diamond for like 14 to 19 dollars in a 12 oz bottle. Zephyr pro 40 metal polish from I think 18 dollars to 39.99. And all them polishes are good polishes I prefer Zephyr pro 40 but I dont see paying 18 to 39 dollars for a bottle.

And thats it, you will have one of the best polish for aluminum that you can find it does just as good as Zephyr Pro 40 metal polishing that you can normally find in a TA or Petro truck stop. It also is great to polish chrome,silver,copper,diamond plate,stainless steel. If you want to see the magic of how good this formula polishes metal take a old black tarnished penny and use some of this mixture on the penny and I guarantee you that it will polish that penny to where it looks like it just come out the mint.

Zephyr Pro 40 Metal Polish (3 EACH) 16 oz Bottles

  • Zephyr Pro 40 Perfection Metal Polish
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